Lavender Cottage, Felixstowe

Saving a building via conservation, refurbishment and continued maintenance.

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A Listed Building’s Outbuilding in Southwold

Enabling redevelopment through research

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Hacheston Solar Park

Research for Planning Appeal Public Enquiry

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Key Views in Conservation Areas

Key views in conservation areas are not restricted to vistas of buildings such as churches, castles and ancient monuments. I included this view of the rear of Saxmundham High Street, seen from a car park, as a key view within the recent reappraisal I undertook on behalf of the local planning authority. It comprises of […]

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Unlisted Heritage Asset in a Conservation Area

This is a rear view of a building located in the high street of a busy town in Suffolk. It’s an old mews which is now redundant and in danger of neglect. Such buildings are threatened with numerous issues, a prime one being neglect through inadequate maintenance but also of inappropriate development and even demolition. […]

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The Mill Inn, Aldeburgh

Refurbishment Proposals and Impact Assessment

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Red Lion Inn, Southwold

Historic Layout and Setting Made Accessible

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Friston Mill

Sails will turn and grain will be milled. Grade II* listed building at risk to be restored and brought back into use.

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Gippeswyk Hall

External Funding Success; Built Heritage as Cultural Resource

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Trimley Station

Steering Group on the Right Track

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New Construction in a Conservation Area

Providing the ‘Case for Support’ to entire project management in a conservation area

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