Unlisted Heritage Asset in a Conservation Area

This is a rear view of a building located in the high street of a busy town in Suffolk. It’s an old mews which is now redundant and in danger of neglect. Such buildings are threatened with numerous issues, a prime one being neglect through inadequate maintenance but also of inappropriate development and even demolition. It is of great historic interest as it displays the function of the building and the contribution it made to the development of this rural town. It contributes to the overall significance of the area. It’s a very attractive and modest little building, with its surviving facade and a wealth of original fabric and features.

Being unlisted, it has no statutory legislative protection, only in that it is situated within a Conservation Area and has been noted as a building of interest within the recent conservation area appraisal. It is of importance that such buildings are kept to help communities (both business and local) to maintain identity. They help provide great character and provenance to streetscapes, something to be valued and promoted.

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