Lavender Cottage, Felixstowe

Saving a building via conservation, refurbishment and continued maintenance.

Lavender Cottage is a Grade II listed property in Felixstowe. Within the curtilage of the building is a charming small scale cottage named within historic documentation as ‘Gardener’s Cottage’. It has been vacant for over 50 years and was on the brink of becoming a building at risk. Plans are now to refurbish the property to make it once more habitable, and be able to provide revenue to enable its own upkeep and maintenance.

Open Heritage were initially commissioned to provide the report for scheduled remedial works to save the Gardener’s Cottage from further deterioration and decay. Via site survey, historic structural fabric was identified and methods of repair in line with current conservation practice recommended. This initial report informed the architect of the historically significant features of the building, and therefore influenced the design from outset.

An important feature of the building is its ground floor bay window, an addition to the original building. It’s comprised of timber mullions and steel casements with original fixtures and fittings. Recommendations include replacing the frames with a ‘A’ rated thermally broken steel replacements. In this way, the pleasing slim sightlines of the frames will be preserved.

Insulation is also to be added in the roof and floors, enabling this cottage to meet current building regulations and modern expectations of comfort.

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