New Construction in a Conservation Area

Providing the ‘Case for Support’ to entire project management in a conservation area

A construction area

From demolition of the existing structure to the construction of the new building, Open Heritage managed the entire project cycle. The existing building, an obsolete bungalow built pre World War II, was removed to make way for a new single floor studio residence with mezzanine and ‘Velux’ roof lights. Due to its location in a conservation area, a robust case for support was integrated with the Design and Access Statement to reinforce the planning application. The neighbouring community was consulted to capture opinionĀ  to inform the design and choice of materials. Consultation was also sought with the local authorities’ Conservation Officers and parish council to guide and shape proposals.

Open Heritage submitted the planning application, sourced contractors and cost managed the entire project cycle, from design to demolition through to construction and gaining final approvals from planning authority and client.

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