A Listed Building’s Outbuilding in Southwold

Enabling redevelopment through research

Latest commission involved provision of a Heritage Statement to support a planning application to adapt an outbuilding in the curtilage of a Grade II listed property in Southwold. Interestingly, what came up in research was that the ownership of the building (the bricks and mortar) was once owned by the homeowner but the freehold of the land it was built on owned by the Cooperation of Southwold. This led to lengthy correspondence to transfer ownership to the homeowner for the princely sum of £30 in 1949. The Heritage Statement helps to inform the architect at the ‘front end’ of the design process, as it identifies what is significant about the building and what constraints and opportunities can occur. Open Heritage provides assiduous research into a building’s history and the relevant planning law and local development management guidelines. In this case, the Heritage Statement supported proposals to develop the outbuilding as it was demonstrated via research that the outbuilding’s footprint had actually occupied a larger plot, indicating it was once a double pitch roof providing domestic accommodation.


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