Hacheston Solar Farm

Nation Planning Policy Framework and Local Development

Hacheston 041

The installation of large scale alternative energy ‘farms’ such as wind turbines and photovoltaics continues its contentious journey. The local community and local authority have voted to refuse application to install a 25MW solar park on farmland in Hacheston, due to its impact on the setting of a neighbouring Grade II listed building and the proposed change of use of the land. It is seen that the installation of such a large scale would change the agricultural quality and historic nature of the landscape. The visual impact of the installations is to be mitigated using screening at the roadside, by planting hedgerows and reinstating historic boundaries.

I provided the background policy legislative research including case study review for the local authority, as the decision has been called for review at public enquiry to be decided by the public inspector. Watch this space, as precedent will be set.