Trimley Station

Redundancy to Regeneration,Saved From Demolition

Redundant Trimley Station fenced off

Trimley Station’s future is now being secured. It’s physical fabric is being weatherproofed and made watertight with help from volunteers (skilled and otherwise). The door and window apertures have also been boarded up to prevent physical access and further damage from vandalism. Published guidance from English Heritage is extremely useful to aid mothballing of redundant properties. It provides a checklist of the physical inspections that should be carried out alongside the necessary bureaucratic procedures such as insurance, legal obligations and council tax. Link here:

The steering group is now looking into the potential of funding from the Charity Bank. This wonderful organisation will fund (through a low cost loan) projects with a social benefit that ‘facilitate real social change’. Not only do they provide the financial help, but will review the proposals to point out where the plans may need further developing. They can provide match funding to meet other funding agreements.

It’s worth having a look at their site to see how they can help your project:

We are confident that the project meets the requirements of funding. We are saving an important historical building for community use and saving local Victorian built heritage. The impact of adapting and reusing the building will be enjoyed by future generations.